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Welcome! is a web-based eLearning, course management, and content management system.

Free download at github

Here are screencasts showing you some cool features of the labsystem:

  1. Using the system as a student
  2. Using the system as a corrector
  3. Course management
  4. Using the system as an author
  5. Quick and Easy Installation

You can find many more screencasts here.

Try it out yourself

The soon I find time again you will find the tryout system here again. So far enjoy the videos and try the system out by yourself...

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Using the system as a student

The separation of individual and group-wide activities...

... gives you the freedom to prepare individually at your pace and at the intensity you need. This makes the collaboration of participants with different backgrounds easy in a lab as everybody will be well-prepared for their joint practical part.

The system motivates by locking parts until everyone is prepared by checking if all team members have answered all multiple-choice-questions. This give you motivation to prepare as you know you have to do it and the others have to do it as well. Being prepared guarantees most joy for you in the team part as you can discuss about the problems you encounter there and do not have to grieve over missing preparation of your colleagues. You will see how nice it is to understand what one does and to discuss deeper aspects then just "how do we get it run".

See how the labsystem supports you as a student in doing a practical exercise.

We point you on important content. You get instant feedback on the multiple choice questions. You get quick feedback on the correction of your free-text inputs. You do not have to write a lab report. When you are done with the exercise you are done.

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Instantly-Correcting Multiple-Choice-Questions...

... support you in your individual self-learning phase by pointing you on important content in form of multiple-choice-questions. The instant feedback shows you possible problems and need for more studying immediately by just pressing the check-button. The course managers can set the amount of tries you have until you get the solution. Your result will be recorded but it is just for your information.

This way the tiring study of many information gets significantly relaxed like this. Your memorising gets strongly supported.

See how it works:

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Free text inputs...

... let your team report the progress of your exercise while doing it. This makes additional reports obsolete saving you time. Additionally it helps you reflecting on what you do when you do it and not afterwards.

The free text inputs are shared among the team supporting your collaboration and your exchange of thoughts, ideas, and views on things.

See how the free text inputs work and how they are correlated on different machines:

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The Email-Where-You-Are button...

... allows you to point to an element of the system with just one click on the envelope next to each element.

You get linked to the email-send-page within the system where the link to your element is already in your mail body. You can add comments and send questions, remarks, or other things to other participants or instructors. This makes feedback and coordination very comfortable.

See how it works:

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ePub export...

... is very neat for you and your students. You can export your whole exercise or parts of it as an ePub. There is no need for special editing from your side. The system takes care of everything. It even controls that your students can only download parts they are currently allowed to see. So everyone gets his individual ePub to read it where no Internet is available or as he finds it more convenient.

With the ePub export your students literally get their virtual course book.

When you want to know how it works just klick on the ePub icon (link to)on top of this page to download this document.

Here you can find a video on the ePub feature:

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Using the system as a corrector

How the system supports you in your correction task

The better your exercises are the less time your tutors will have to spend on live tutoring. What they will always spend a lot of time with is correcting your student's free-text inputs.

This screencast shows functionality that supports the tutors in their work.

You see how to temporally hide the example solutions which is useful when students are around. You see the correction features including an explanation about our workflow.

The most important thing for the correction is the strong support for cross-correction. Cross-correction makes your exercise scale as additional teams do not mean linearly increasing workload on the correctors.

Also important is the identical view to the one of the students. Your tutors always have everything visible and available the students have giving them a great overview on what was given and what was asked.

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Course management

Fully customisable menus...

... let you set and organise the links in your courses menu individually. You can even set access rights to links that show the links only to the user groups you specify.

See how it works:

Where the menu is stored and how it is created when you spawn a new instance:

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XML export/ import...

... lets you import existing courses from our portal soon. You can also export and share your courses.

If you want to see the XML export working have a look at the following video:

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Integrated centralised account management...

... allows you to assign users to different courses where they can use their single account. The user management supports the users by retrieving passwords and changing their account data by themselves. You can fully customise the data you want to collect from your users. This makes it possible to collect which team partners students want to have, which semester they are, etc.

See it in action:

Removing users and changing the password reminder mail text...

... is shown here:

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Integrated Registration Support...

... allows you to give your students additional information before registering to the course. The registration process shows graphically how many places are left (fully customisable by you in the configuration file). The students automatically receive their login credentials and can log on the user administration system. As this system is a regular instance of the labsystem you can add course material there already giving the students instant access to information like basic tutorials or further information.

You can fully customise the emails the system sends automatically from within the system.

See how the registration works:

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Course Management...

... makes the system keep track of the points of your students. You can see detailed statistics in a graphical format.

The system shows your students their credits and lets them know how well they performed in comparison to other students without making the scores available. This is an additional motivation and self-estimation support.

See more about it:

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Integrated configuration editing...

... allows you to manage your labs (courses) directly from the web interface. So you do not have to log on the web server to set up new courses or change the settings. The configuration files are commented and self-explaining.

Inheritance in the config files...

... allows you to share configuration settings over courses. This makes the setup of courses much clearer and saves you time significantly each time you set up a course or you have to change a setting in multiple courses.

See how it works:

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Sending Emails...

... is directly integrated in the system. According to the rights you set only individuals or all participants can send mails to each other or to the instructors.

The system allows to send round mails, ask for support, or just coordinate about things like free testbeds or the (missing) progress of teammates from within the system for logged in registered users.

See how it looks like:

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Using the system as an author

The modular concept...

... of couses allows to easily combine and reuse elements like texts or questions in different courses. It also allows to easily create and use templates. Authoring is very comfortable in the labsystem.

See a video about creating a new course:

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HTML tidy... very handy when editing plain HTML code within the labsystem. Plain HTML is one of the supported markup languages that can be used for authoring content within the labsystem

tidy automatically formats and corrects HTML code on input. To see how it works watch the following video:

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CSS tidy...

... supports you with functionality similar to tidy but for CSS. When the plugin is installed, the labsystem automatically corrects and formats your CSS code. CSS code can be authored from within the labsystem's user interface. This gives you huge freedom in designing your content.

You can find more information about CSS tidy here:

If you want to see how CSS tidy acts within the labsystem watch the following screencast:

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... helps you when you want to add formatted source code as it does exactly that job. When the plugin is installed code can be formatted like this:


  int main(void)
    printf("I like the labsystem's features ;)\n");

    return 0;

For more information about the possibilities and the syntax have a look here:

You can find a video showing the use of prettyprint here:

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Integrated document management...

... helps you uploading content like pictures, zip archives, etc. The system organises them and you can easily integrate them into your authored content.

If you are interested in how it works, watch the following video:

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visibility of elements...

The labsystem is also a CMS. You have basic elements (pages for text, inputs and multiple-choice questions) that you can group in containers and labs.

This page consists of different pages within different containers for instance. You can set the visibility rights for all elements. Like that you can show information like solutions after the schedule ended for instance or give information to correctors and not participants for instance.

The following screencast shows the possibilities. If it does not sound intuitive to you just play around a little with the visibilities and they will be familiar to you soon.

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ePub export...

... is very neat for you and your students. You can export your whole exercise or parts of it as an ePub. There is no need for special editing from your side. The system takes care of everything. It even controls that your students can only download parts they are currently allowed to see. So everyone gets his individual ePub to read it where no Internet is available or as he finds it more convenient.

With the ePub export your students literally get their virtual course book.

When you want to know how it works just klick on the ePub icon (link to)on top of this page to download this document.

Here you can find a video on the ePub feature:

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Quick and Easy Installation

XAMP & the Interactive Installation Shell-Script...

...make the setup of the labsystem very comfortable and easy. You just need a xAMP system. We usually use LAMP with Ubuntu or another Linux derivate, apache (which you can replace by other web servers like lighttp if you like), MySQL (which you could replace by other DBs by changing the interface class of the system), and PHP (from 5 n with support for tidy).

Then check out the repository and run the interactive installation script.

See how it works in the fly through:

Or more in detail:

You can always checkout the newest version from the svn issuing:
svn --force export .
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